Gauseva Update

Dear Mirani Parivar Members,
As you are all aware that our Mirani Parivar is doing Gauseva under banner of our Mirani Kuldevi Boot Bhavani charitable trust since Akhatrij 26 th April It is about two months of time..As you know we are distributing Grass supply on alternate day to 2050cows which is now increased to 2240 cows since last 10 days..We had planned to do this Gauseva upto Ashadhi Bij 23rd June 2020, but since there is no longer any rain in Kutch condition of the cows is worst..
About 10days back there was some rain under influence of the cyclone..Even if it rains immediately than also growth of the grass will take another 10 to 15 days..
The shepherds of Cows were told that we shall stop grass supply From 23rd June onwards but they are Very much upset and worried about the cows if they do not receive the grass supply.
All of you might have noticed in photographs which is sent regularly about Gauseva that the places where we serve Cows has no greenery and not even any grass in that land..Before We started Gauseva two three cows had eaten leaves of Babool and died because of big thrones in the Babool tree..
The shepherds have reached Manubhai Mirani of Bhuj who handles the Gauseva and also appealed to our Mirani parivar members to continue this grass supply chain at least for another 20 days..As we are supplying the grass on alternate days another 10 tempo of grass may be needed if all of you agree to continue this Gauseva.
One tempo contains about 8000 kgs Grass which is distributed at 12p to 14 places..cost of Grass of one tempo is roughly about Rs 11000 to 11500 so we may have to spend about Rs one lakh to 125000/ after 23rd June
The position of our budget is as follows.

With cooperation of our Mirani Parivar members our trust has received Rs 3,33,330/ from 110 families against that we have paid Rs 1,48600 to earlier grass suppliers.. Payment of last 16 Tempo’s supply is pending as bills are not received but it will be approximately Rs 1,84,000/to be paid. Which comes to around Rs 3,32,600/ towards procurement of the grass..As informed Earlier we have balance of Chhas Kendra Rs 94427/ with us .So if we supply for another 20days than cost of 10 Tempo’s Will be Rs one lakh to 125000/
With balance of Rs 94427/ We can supply the grass for another 20 days.

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