Management of Mirani Parivar

Since renovation of temple about 30 years back In old place namely MOTO VAS-in Adhoi, management of all function was done by Adhoi mirani kuldevi bootbhavani samiti–under precedence ship of late shri Shantilal Maganlal Mirani–In 1994 samiti decided to purchase 12 acres land outside Adhoi village whch was belonging to ex-M.P.of Kutch shri Haribhai Nanajibhai Patel–Haribhai offered this at very reasonable rate along with 25H.P. motor connection for tubewell in farm–At that time a function was arranged to facilatate shri Chandrasinh Mirani who was selected as President of Shri Lohana Mahaparishad–During function feelings were expressed by every one to form a registered trust & to build a guest house for Mirani Parivar members who visit Adhoi for Darshan of Mataji–

Under guidance of Shri Chandrasinhbhai & shri Shantilalbhai atrust was formed under name & style as Shri Mirani Kuldevi Bootbhavani Charitable Trust–It is registered with charity commissioner Mumbai–Its accounts are regularly being audited & filed with income-tax & charity commissioner–

Our Current Trustee

  1. Rajabhai R Mirani Managing trustee
  2. Jayanti bhai R Mirani
  3. Dhirubhai N Mirani
  4. Nenshibhai G Mirani
  5. Haresh Bhai M. Thakkar
  6. Ghanshyam D. Mirani
  7. Rajesh Shantilal Mirani
  8. Mahesh Bhai M. Mirani
  9. Rajesh Mahadevlal Thakker

The residence of shri Dhirubhai Mirani is registered as regd. office address of trust.- our auditors are Bharat shah & co. –chartered accountant firm situated Malad

Our bank account is with Kapol co-op-bank ltd. Malad & Canara Bank Malad–

The committee is constituted as follows:-

Hon Secretary
Rohit Kumar R Mirani
Bhupendra N. Thakkar
Joint secretary
Suresh J Mirani
Ashok N Thakker

At Adhoi temple Pujari shri Dhiru Maharaj gives good service to visitors

Telephone no. of Temple is 02837–284470