January 18, 2023 by miraniparivar

At Adhoi Boot Bhavani Mataji temple after renovation three days Pratishtha Mahotsav along with annual Patotsav Program is fixed from 10th February 2023 morning to 12th February 2023 evening
The details with invitation card is as below. We Welcome to join all Mirani Family Member.


Please reach out us with following available contact us details. We try to reach out as soon as possible depend on our availability. 

Note: You can also send the student final exam result from Contact US form for award which We organize every year on Mahavad Chaththa Havan.


Maa Boot Bhavani Dham
Adhoi, Kanthkot Road,
Taluka Bhachau, Kutch,
Gujarat, India
Pincode: 370135
Gujarat India